when u say a really clever comeback without stuttering


I Find it Interesting

How when we’re young, we question ourselves constantly.

Is it okay if I like this or that? Does it make me weird if I do? How will people perceive me? Why do people laugh when I say I like this?

I find it appalling that society depicts who we are as people, merely based on societal “norms”.

There’s just so much judgment occurring as we grow into adolescents, that when we soon realize that it really doesn’t matter what others think, and we then realize that it’s like we’re finally learning who we are.

Life has so much to offer. Why live in a world where you can’t be yourself because you’re afraid what others think?

If you ever find an answer to that question, rethink it.


still wondering how they made this movie


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Hot Damn.

I miss SoCal and all the beautiful people in it..